5 Reasons Tablets Are The Key To Pop-Up Success

Pop-ups are a great way to attract new clients, create brand awareness and provide a fun experience for customers. Due to their low up-keep costs, simple setup, and user-friendly nature, tablets slot seamlessly into these pop-up environments.

Here are 5 ways tablets and Bouncepads can help perfect your pop-up:

Peaceful Payment Points

Using an iPad as a POS system enables payments to be made anywhere, whether that’s inside a tent, building, or market stall, and gives employees a huge amount of flexibility when it’s time for customers to settle-up. The Bouncepad Counter compliments all of the above qualities by protecting and securing your tablet at an ergonomic angle for usage. The Counter’s freestanding base makes it easy to move around with no need to drill it down to a surface – an ideal feature for on-the-go businesses.

Engaging And Eye-Catching Displays

The H&M mega store in Times Square has launched a “try and buy” option that lets customers pay for items from inside the changing room to speed up the purchasing process. Shoppers even have the option to leave the store wearing the new ensemble, perfect for last minute party invites.

Pop-ups are perfect for increasing brand awareness and footfall; which is made so much easier with digital signage. Using tablets means constant eye-catching displays that are changeable, animated and guaranteed to attract passers-by. This also delivers the freedom to change displays continually – making it easy to try and test different methods without extra cost.

Instant Experts

Pop-ups are often small spaces with the intention of making a big impact. However, how can you make a big impact if you can only show a small section of physical products? Tablets can be used as digital product guides, enabling both customers and employees to access an entire range of products with a swipe or tap. Not only does this mean people can order from the pop-up to avoid missing sales, but employees are made into instant product experts.

Find That Feedback

Considering pop-ups are often created on experimental foundations, getting customer feedback is essential. Gaining contacts, loyal customers and brand awareness is the aim of the game. Tablets are easy for visitors to use because they are familiar, this will therefore encourage engagement. Having tablets at a pop-up gives customers the freedom to interact when they want to, making them more likely to respond to surveys, newsletters and competitions. It encourages relationships and interactions in a non-invasive manner.

Spread The Love With Social Sharing

In order to appeal to the masses – and to get the word out – interactive experiences are a must. Offering a unique experience like Virgin Holiday did with Bouncepads, invites customers and footfall and encourages sharing on social media. By offering a fun experience, customers are more likely to engage and share the love!