Creating the best first impression is essential for every business. But when you’re a customer-facing company, those first impressions count even more. Your point of sale (POS) system plays an important role in this, and switching to a POS system that uses an iPad is an increasingly popular choice.

Introducing an iPad POS system gives you access to the latest payment software. For your customers, this means less queueing and better service. To get maximum benefit from your iPad POS system, you need a great iPad stand. This is where Bouncepad can help.

Choosing the right iPad POS stand is crucial to keep your iPad secure and in a user-friendly position. It has to be robust, function effectively, and it needs to look great, too. Whatever design features and aesthetic you’re looking for from an iPad POS stand, we’ve got you covered.

Take a look at our top five point of sale tablet stands to help you find the perfect choice for your business:

No.1 Eddy - Tablet Universal POS Stand

Coming in at number one is Eddy. This top-rated POS stand for tablets is a hugely popular choice for businesses across the world. So, why do businesses love Eddy? Well, Eddy is like a faithful friend you can depend on. This hard-working iPad stand has a die-cast aluminium frame. This means that Eddy is super durable and will provide you with many years of reliable use.

The Bouncepad Eddy isn’t just robust, Eddy is also packed with useful features. The rotating base and tilting screen angle enables you to adjust Eddy and screen share with customers with ease.

Thanks to Eddy’s clever cable management features your countertop will be kept neat and tidy without any unsightly wires cluttering up your space. While the specially designed movement of the stand ensures that there’s minimal strain on your cables when you rotate it.

Keeping your iPad secure while using it for POS is a must. But don’t worry, Eddy’s here to help. Eddy’s handy security features include jaws to lock the tablet in place, and the option to fix Eddy to your countertops. If that wasn’t enough, Eddy is also compatible with the Kensington MicroSaver for added security.

This stylish POS iPad stand is available in three colours. Take your pick from black, white, and green.

Key features:

  • Holds most 7” to 13” size tablets, including all iPads, including the iPad Mini.
  • Die-cast aluminium frame for extra durability.
  • Clever cable management to hide wires and reduce strain on cables.
  • Security features include compatibility with Kensington MicroSaver.
  • Rotating base and adjustable tilt.

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No. 2 Click - iPad POS Dock and Stand

The Bouncepad Click is our universal tablet and iPad stand and docking station, offering a superb and stylish way to display and secure your tablet or iPad without compromising on portability.

Click may have a compact and minimal design, but it’s big on security. You can mount Click on your countertop or wall to keep it securely in place, releasing your tabletUsing the quick release button.

Leaving the tablet unattended? Lock down Click with the lock and key system, disabling the quick release button.

Click is also compatible with the Kensington MicroSaver if you want some extra security for your POS system.

Adding to the Click’s user-friendly design is the stand’s smooth 340° rotation and the ability to secure your tablet in either portrait or landscape. Making security a priority doesn’t mean you need to settle for a boring POS display stand, Click offers the best of both worlds.

Take your pick from Click in black or white to match your workplace aesthetic.

Key features:

  • Compatible with all tablets.
  • Works as a docking station and stand.
  • Compact design.
  • Rotates 340° degrees.
  • Suitable for use by tablets in both portrait and landscape.
  • Can be used with Kensington MicroSaver for extra security.
  • Available in black and white colourways.

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No. 3 Go - Adjustable iPad POS Stand

Who said that POS stands need to be boring, certainly not us! Go is proof that iPad stands can be functional and look great.

This handy stand will elevate your POS setup to new heights thanks to its super adjustable features and bold design.

Got more than one model of tablet that you use for POS? No problem, the GO works with all tablet sizes. So, whether you’re working with an iPad Mini or have gone large with an iPad Pro, Go has got you covered.

This sturdy POS stand can be used in both portrait and landscape orientation for added functionality. And with its 50/50 diecast aluminium and rubber construction, Go is sleek and sturdy whilst protecting your tablet and worktops.

Go is a great-looking choice of POS stand and it’s available in a selection of attractive colours. Choose from blue, yellow, white, and black.

Key features:

  • Adjustable height and angle.
  • 50/50 die-cast aluminium and rubber construction.
  • Compatible with all tablet sizes.
  • Works in both landscape and portrait display orientations.
  • Available in black, white, yellow, and blue colourways.

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No. 4 Link - Low Profile iPad Holder for POS

It’s easy to see why the sleek and sophisticated Link is a top choice with our customers. This great-looking POS tablet stand will keep your counterlooking neat and tidy, when style is a priority, Link certainly delivers.

Bouncepad Link - iPad POS Stand

You can forget about unsightly, tangled cables when you choose Link. This thoughtfully designed tablet conceals and manages the cables to keep everything tidy, organised, and always connected. As well as looking great, the Link is also robust enough to handle many years of use thanks to its commercial-grade construction.

Want to match your tablet stand to your business’s aesthetic? Link is available in black, white, and teal colourways.

Key features:

  • Compatible with iPad 10.2 7th, 8th and 9th Generation, and iPad 10.9 10th Generation.
  • Sleek low-profile design.
  • Designed for use with the Zoom Room Controller App.
  • Compatible with Kensington-style lock for added security.
  • Commercial-grade construction with a die-cast aluminium shell and reinforced plastic.
  • Cable management keeps wires tidy.
  • Can be used with a PoE adaptor for wired internet connection.
  • Available in black, white, and teal colourways.

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No. 5 Flip - POS Stand with Screen Sharing

If you’re looking for a tablet stand that combines minimalist design with tonnes of practical features, the Flip could be the tablet stand for you.

At Bouncepad, we know that keeping your tablet secure while it’s displayed prominently on your countertop is a big concern. That’s why we’ve designed the Flip to include plenty of additional security features.

iPad POS Stand - Bouncepad Flip

Secure your tablet within the enclosure using our specially designed lock and key system. If you don’t want to bolt the Flip to your counter, consider one of our reinforced cables to tether your Flip to a secure anchor point.

Along with its host of security features, the Flip is also super user-friendly. You can share screens with ease thanks to the Flip’s weighted base and smoothly engineered hinge.

Compatible with all popular Apple iPads, Samsung and Microsoft tablets. Available in either black or white.

Key features:

  • Compatible with many iPad, Samsung, and Microsoft tablets.
  • Available with either covered or exposed front camera and home button.
  • Weighted base to keep the Flip stable.
  • Additional security features including lock and key system.
  • Available in black or white.

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Which of our Bouncepad iPad POS stand is right for you? You can shop the full range right here!

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  • Eddy

    Secure Tablet & iPad POS Stand

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    Secure Tablet & iPad POS Stand

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