What Makes a High-Grade Tablet Enclosure or iPad Kiosk

The world-renowned Model T innovator and father of the assembly line, Henry Ford, famously stated, “quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” While more than a century ago, those words resonate with our team today because our craft is making premium, high-grade products for our customers.

Over the last few years, some of the world’s biggest brands like Adidas, Ralph Lauren, Samsung, Virgin and Visa, to name a few, have trusted our products to engage and connect with their customers.

Most tablet projects all need to start with investments and considerations around applied content, user experience, security and maintenance (here’s some of our advice and guidance for your own in-store tablet rollout). However, quality tablet enclosures are often sacrificed in lieu of lower costs – this is the most common misstep in failed tablet rollouts.

The qualities and traits that differentiate Bouncepad iPad and tablet kiosks are underpinned by three primary factors; functionality, security and design.


Our tablet kiosks are built with a ‘fit-for-purpose’ approach. Every configuration, measurement, angle, and consideration are carefully calculated and accounted for. This enables us to offer a wide range of products – designed for diverse and specific environments – from retail display stands in Virgin Media stores to handheld tablet enclosures in Selfridges, for example.

Stalks, mounts and movement components are each pioneered to provide a varied range of viewing angles and ease of use for staff and customers alike whether mounted on floor, wall or counter surfaces. A quick-and-simple installation process maximises uptime for customers, and neatly conceals all necessary cabling to ensure a user-friendly aesthetic in any service environment.


Security is paramount when thinking about tablet deployment and protecting your investment. Secure tablet enclosures are a primary concern for the busiest service environments. Bouncepad’s iPad kiosk range is equipped with a unique Locking System, provides customers with a designated key number for their tablet kiosk(s). Custom-built with stainless steel, these locks ensure highest-grade security and durability throughout frequent use.

We recently introduced Sumo, the toughest iPad kiosk in our product range, the preferred choice for McDonald’s, UK. This ruggedised tablet enclosure provides businesses with the peace of mind they need to install tablets in the most challenging environments.

All of our tablet and iPad kiosks are made with aerospace-grade stainless steel and aluminum, as well as the highly durable PC/ABS plastic, frequently used in automotive, electronic and telecommunication applications. The combination use of these industry-leading materials creates the core parts of our products – faceplate, stalk and tablet display case – ensuring a longer life cycle for your tablet investment.


Bouncepads compliment the beauty and sophistication of tablets and iPads. Every Bouncepad iPad kiosk is made with premium materials, chosen decidedly for their visual appeal and industry-leading strength. This means a sleek and form-fitting unit, coupled with a smooth surface and finish. Whether it’s a conference or boardroom as used in Accenture’s offices or a public display installation like British Airways’ at London’s Victoria Station, our products blend seamlessly into any environment.

Managed by Q, the smart office cleaning and management company chose Bouncepad’s iPad wall mount because of its design. “We wanted an iPad wall mount that not only felt like an extension of our design aesthetic – it needed to feel like it belonged to the space,” said Saman Rahmanian, Co-founder, Managed by Q.

Our aim moving forward remains simple; maintain the same quality and ease-of-use for all of our customers, across every industry and custom use case to ensure successful tablet deployments and maximise project success.

Have any questions about our products or your tablet rollout? Feel free to contact our Client Services team here.

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