Bouncepad’s Design Aesthetic a Perfect Fit for Managed by Q

Managed by Q (Q), the smart office cleaning and management company, has simplified the maintenance process for its commercial clientele by managing office cleaning, supply and maintenance services from a complimentary Bouncepad iPad kiosk installed within their office locations.

Since launching in April of 2014, Q has grown quickly, managing hundreds of offices in New York City, Chicago and San Francisco. Using at least one iPad kiosk per office, they’re typically located in the kitchen or other common areas, utilized daily by office employees and managers.

Before its initial New York beta, Q needed to select a wall mount kiosk that could house the iPads securely in their client’s offices and match the company’s brand. With the launch weeks away, Q picked Bouncepad’s wall mount iPad enclosure after purchasing and testing other products on the market.

“We wanted an iPad wall mount that not only felt like an extension of our design aesthetic – it needed to feel like it belonged to the space. Bouncepad is the only product that fit the bill for us.” – Saman Rahmanian, Co-founder, Managed by Q.

Q’s winning formula is in its ability to change perceptions and attitudes traditionally aimed at thankless, mundane office tasks. This seismic shift stems from the company’s ethos, but is also aided by its easy-to-use Q Management Dashboard.

The iPad app lets clients monitor and communicate with cleaners and handymen in the office, as well as list, track and order office supplies for the next month. Much of the company’s growth and referral business has come from its clients. Visitors who see the Q Management Dashboard and iPad wall mount kiosk installed often ask questions, and according to Q, clients have even gone as far as hosting live video chats to show off the service to visitors or new hires.

Q has successfully transformed the office cleaning and management process for its clients, and with the company installing tablets in hundreds of office locations between New York, Chicago and San Francisco – and onboarding new customers every week – it’s safe to say, offices want to be managed by Q!