Flex: Unwrapping our most loved enclosure

The Bouncepad Flex is a secure, adjustable tablet kiosk ergonomically designed for easy interaction when mounted to a countertop. The adjustable gooseneck offers a full range of movement – twist and turn the iPad kiosk whichever way you please. Gymnastic movement allows for maximum interaction without compromising on comfort or security.

The Flex might look bendy but don’t underestimate it. The strong yet supple gooseneck stalk is an outstanding piece of engineering that’s built to last.

Particularly suited to point of sale, self-service and visitor management, the flex is the perfect edition to any countertop.

Take a look at the Flex in action at Jefferson’s and Chip’d.

What is tablet POS?

A tablet POS means using a tablet or iPad as a point of sale. A fuss-free replacement for your outdated and clunky till; easy to implement and quick to train your staff on. Pair your tablet with a robust enclosure and download a POS app – our top picks are here. You can learn more about how to use a tablet as a point of sale here.

“It really makes a difference for our team because they are at the counter a long time and they all have their different height preferences. We’ve got a foot in height difference and it actually allows them to be more comfortable.” – Jefferson’s

“It’s perfect because it works for everybody. Everyone’s comfortable and it’s very tactile. They like to stand and hold onto it whilst they are talking to customers – it’s a great bit of kit.” – Chip’d

Looking for more of a temporary solution or don’t want to commit to one location? The Counter Flex could be your answer. This is a fuss-free solution that doesn’t require the drilling of any holes. The freestanding base makes it simple to move around the countertop and provides robust stability with minimal footprint.