Chip'd: Dutch-style fries and a seamless service

Chip’d started out in April 2018, travelling around festivals and pop-ups serving delicious Dutch-style chips in the North West and Wales area. Using Dutch potatoes, Dutch frying methods and Dutch sauces, Chip’d is dedicated to producing tasty NL-inspired chips right here in the UK.

At first, Chip’d consisted of an iPad, iZettle Go, a gazebo and some portable fryers. It soon grew and arrived in its first permanent store in Chester, February this year. Fairly quickly its second location popped-up in a food hall in Liverpool. We spoke to the founder, Andrew McKechnie about his rapidly-growing chip business and the importance of the right point of sale system.

“We spent quite a bit of money and time on the design of the store – making it look really good. The branding is important to us, so is the colouring and the design. We’ve got a really nice counter as well. The Bouncepad is nice, clean and slick but also super practical and does exactly what you need it to do.”

“I first saw a Bouncepad in a coffee shop in Chester and thought ‘that’s exactly what I want’. I then saw some in the McDonalds and the local Santander – I could just tell from a quality point of view they were the best on the market. I didn’t want a cheap and nasty one, I wanted one that really looked good.”

Andrew opted for the Flex because of his diverse team of 13. With heights ranging from about five feet to six foot one, it was important the enclosure was versatile and allowed a range of movement. “It’s perfect because it works for everybody. Everyone’s comfortable and it’s very tactile. They like to stand and hold onto it whilst they are talking to customers – it’s a great bit of kit.”

"The Bouncepad is nice, clean and slick but also super practical and does exactly what you need it to do”

“We use iZettle with our iPad and Bouncepad. We aren’t cashless just yet, I’d like to make the move, but we are currently still 50/50. When it gets up to 80/90% then we’ll switch to cashless. We still get a lot of cash and we don’t want to alienate anyone.”