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Bouncepad - iPad Kiosk Stand for Self-Service

Desk with Card Reader Mount

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The Bouncepad Desk with our Universal Card Reader Mount is a secure, low-profile tablet and iPad kiosk stand ergonomically designed for easy interaction when mounted to a counter, table or desk.

Perfect for self-ordering applications, the Universal Card Reader Mount turns your iPad into a self-service payment station, allowing your customers to browse your products and services, place orders and make payment.

Compatible with all USB powered card readers, big and small, simply adhere your card reader in place using the 3M double sided adhesive foam tape. This desk mounted tablet stand is compatible with iPad, Samsung and Microsoft tablets.

More details

– Compatible with all USB Powered Card Readers.

– Adhere your card reader using the 3M foam pads.

– Secure your tablet within the enclosure using our Lock and Key system.

– Run the charging cable through the inside of your Bouncepad to keep the tablet kiosk powered while being neat & tidy.

– Set at 30° it is the perfect angle for effortless interaction.

– Mount to your desk table or counter top using the fixings provided.

– Simple and fuss-free installation with clear instruction manual.


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Tech Specs

  • Secure

    Lock your tablet inside the enclosure using the lock and key system.

  • Card Reader Mount

    Compatible with all USB-powered card readers.

  • Durable

    Impressive engineering built to withstand vigorous, daily use.

  • Multi-Tablet

    Compatible with most tablets big and small.

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  • Card Reader Universal

    Use the 3M self-adhesive pad to secure any USB powered card reader, big or small.

  • Clever Cable Management

    USB power cables are routed through the enclosure to keep your counter top clutter free.

  • Browsing Bar

    Arranged neatly in a row on your counter, a lineup of iPad kiosk stands provides the ideal setup for your iPad browsing bar.

  • Simple Installation

    No need to outsource a handyman for assembly. Simply follow our step-by-step instructions for a fuss-free installation.

  • Focused Angle

    Perfect for low counter tops, the Desk with Card Reader Mount makes browsing your products a breeze.

  • Durable design

    Engineered for durability, the Bouncepad Desk can handle the demands of daily use with ease.

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Secure Tablet & iPad Kiosk Stand

Our secure tablet and iPad Kiosk Stands are beautiful, functional, versatile and robust. You can mount your Bouncepad to any table, desk or counter to keep it secure. The lockable enclosure keeps your tablet safe and charged while concealing the cable.

  • Fast and free delivery

  • 36 month warranty

  • Multi tablet

  • 30 day return policy

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