What is digital signage?

A simple replacement for your printed materials, such as posters and banners, using display screens like iPads. Digital signage injects life and movement into content using consumer-friendly touchpoints. Presenting your content on a tablet can entice customers and promote your core message in a more engaging way.

How will it help me create a better customer experience?

Using digital signage to promote new releases, sales and store-specific discount codes keeps customers in-the-know. You can track engagement and optimise your visuals accordingly, altering your signage depending on season, location and time. If it’s cold, you could focus your digital signage around coats, offering a special promotion to encourage coat sales. This type of personalisation means your customers are receiving the most appropriate messaging to them, improving their overall customer experience.

How can digital signage help my business?

Digital signage saves you time, money and gives you freedom to think bigger. It might be a higher cost investment, but you can quickly change your visuals at no extra cost, push content without waiting for it to be printed, and create animated and engaging visuals that have a far bigger impact on passers-by.

Which Bouncepad product is best for digital signage?

If you’re using an iPad for digital signage, you want to protect and enhance your tech investment. Bouncepad tablet enclosures protect against snatch-and-grabs whilst presenting your tablet at the perfect viewing angle.

Wallmount: Let your walls do the talking. Perfect for areas where floor space is valuable, this enclosure is a low-profile solution for vertical surfaces, presenting your content at eye level.

Sumo: The ultra-robust yet beautiful tablet enclosure for high-traffic environments. You will have seen these dotted around McDonald’s, showing off their latest deals and offering entertainment to customers. The unique six-point locking system, easy to clean design and quick-fit installation make this a fuss-free option for malls, airports and fast food restaurants.

Static 60: The Bouncepad Static 60 acts as a powerful focal point for displaying bright content at a distance or on raised platforms. Ideal for a browsing bar, the Static 60 won’t budge once its installed, presenting your content at the perfect viewing angle.

Floorstanding: The elegant Floorstanding commands attention making it the ultimate standalone tablet display for temporary and permanent installations. If you need an enclosure to make your digital signage stand out from the crowd, this is your answer.