What is an infotainment station?

Infotainment stations are self-service iPad kiosks, which make games, information and online sites available to customers. They are extra touchpoints that encourage customers to engage with the brand and increase dwell time.

How will it help me create a better customer experience?

McDonald’s transformed its brand reputation by installing these kind of iPad stations in thousands of branches around the UK. These kiosks help to keep children entertained whilst families wait for food which has subsequently updated the fast food chains image and increases dwell time. Dotted around your restaurant, leisure centre or store, these iPad stations make the space a more enjoyable place to wait, eat and hang out.

How can infotainment stations help my business?

Tommy Hilfiger installed infotainment stations in its German flagship store. The IT director of their parent company PVH told us “Bringing the digital brand into the store environment creates more touchpoints for the customer, increases dwell time, and makes for more engaged shoppers.” Not only do they have the potential to improve the customer experience, they also keep customers in your store for longer, giving you more opportunities for further sales.

Which Bouncepad product is best for an infotainment station?

To create the most effective infotainment station, it’s important to pick an enclosure that ticks all the right boxes. Here are our top picks:

Lounge: The Lounge is a great solution if you’re looking for a relaxed and moveable enclosure. Its reinforced 2m charging cable makes it secure yet movable and easy to pass around between customers. A great option for a less-formal seating area./p>

Desk: The Desk has the shortest stalk in the range meaning it lies low to the surface. Angled at a fixed view for interaction, the Desk makes for a great self-service option for you and your customers.

Wallmount: If you’re conscious about space, the Wallmount is the perfect solution for you. Fixed at 60° this enclosure encourages interaction and sits close to the wall. Add signage on the walls to help customers navigate your kiosks.