Keeping your staff and visitors safe using visitor registration

Covid-19 is changing the way our society interacts and the physical processes we go through to prepare us for these interactions. Social distancing rules are in place meaning less customers and less employees can share the same space. This affects how we can behave in all public areas; restaurants, offices and shopping malls to name a few. Tablet kiosks are the perfect solution to help manage these environments with less employees on the floor.

There are many benefits of using a tablet kiosk for visitor registration: reducing queue times, minimizing contact and decreasing the risk of transmission. People will be anxious and apprehensive in public spaces after months of lockdown. There are measures businesses can put in place to ease these nerves and make their customers and staff feel as comfortable as possible.


Bouncepad tablet kiosks can be installed by a reception desk to allow self-registration. Multiple kiosks can be installed in the reception area to allow more than one person to check-in at a time. By substituting staff members with a kiosk, you can reduce the number of people in one area which reduces the risk of transmission. Bouncepads are designed to be easy to clean – provide antibacterial wipes beside the kiosk and encourage customers to wipe it clean after every use.


Installing a kiosk at the entrance of your building can minimize human contact. A Bouncepad kiosks paired with visitor management software enables you to provide a safe, professional and welcoming first impression to each of your visitors. As a substitute for multiple staff members, our kiosks can be supervised by one employee, minimizing contact between staff and visitors.


Many restaurants and hotels have implemented a track and trace system to protect staff and visitors in the time of the Corona Virus. This is an automated system whereby visitors can register their mobile and sign in using a QR code. Over time, each visit is recorded and in the event of a recorded case of Covid-19, you can select time periods of at-risk-people and notify them immediately by SMS. Kiosks can be used at entrances to allow people to scan the QR code with their mobile phones.


Using visitor registration kiosks helps to protect staff by taking care of services that usually require direct contact. Staff can be repositioned to fulfil safer tasks that don’t involve direct contact with visitors.