7 ways mPOS will transform your store

The mPOS system – or mobile point-of-sale system – is a tablet, smartphone or other wireless device that acts as a register.

Replacing an outdated till with mPOS can be a game changer for many reasons; practical, timely and cost effective are amongst the long list of benefits. Here are 7 ways mPOS can transform your retail environment:

Space saver

mPOS frees-up valuable real estate that would otherwise be dedicated to a traditional POS countertop. This improves the appearance of your counter, making space for products and improved point-of-purchase promotions to entice customers. Replacing your big register also brings you closer to your customer.

Payments with ease

With the right product, it’s easy and quick to turn an iPad into an mPOS system. Our new tablet stand, Eddy, is ergonomically designed to make payment seamless and comfortable. Featuring a rotating base that smoothly swivels around 350° for simple screen-sharing, Eddy is perfect for retail and hospitality. The adjustable tilt function enables the user to alter the angle of the screen for ultimate comfort. Clever cable management means your iPad can remain charged-up throughout the day without messy wires spoiling the look of your countertop.

Take pride in your countertop

Installing an mPos system in store improves the look of your countertop. No more clunky tills getting in the way of you and your customer. Eddy is our premium stand for style-conscious customers. Engineered with design-aware clients in mind, Eddy’s smooth finish and speckled base boast a timeless aesthetic and make it the ideal choice for customers that take pride in their workspace. Eddy stands out from the crowd and is sure to impress!

Check out those queues

Tablet POS systems help payments happen quickly and efficiently which in turn, reduces queue time. Eddy’s rotating base means customers can enter and check their own details and email receipts can be sent easily. Reduced queues enhance your store in many ways, including improving customer experience and increasing the chance of impulse purchases.

Friendly and familiar

Exchanging till systems can be costly and make your staff feel uncomfortable. Switching to a familiar process and device can make the transformation smooth and painless. iPads are the perfect substitute – their universally user-friendly nature saves time and money that would have been spent on staff training. Familiarity makes people feel comfortable, so implementing tablet POS systems can empower employees and encourage them to channel their efforts in to customer service and sales.

Fuss-free switch

mPos is perfect for small and medium businesses: any smartphone or tablet can be transformed into an mPOS with a simple downloadable app. This means the changeover from normal POS to mPOS can be made swiftly, with little confusion and without being costly. See our guide to the top five POS apps.

Master Mobile Wallets

Whilst mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay are gaining popularity with consumers, it’s crucial retailers are adapting to this. Ensuring the latest methods of payments are accepted is a necessary step to stop visitors going to competitors.