3 Reasons You Have To Have Tablets At Your Next Trade Show

Tablet kiosks are hassle-free utility devices on which you can show a variety of engaging material; product demos, presentations, catalogues, surveys, interactive displays and games, all displayed in an ergonomic and consumer-friendly piece of kit.

Our products are quick and easy to install, enhance the design of your space and protect your tablet without creating a barrier between the customer and content. Viewers can gain even more insight and information than ever before, so they leave feeling satisfied; making them the perfect addition to your next trade show.

Defy Spatial Limitations

A major frustration at trade shows is the restrictive space each company is allocated and subsequently, the limitations on what you can actually do with that space. With large crowds of people browsing each stall, competition is high. You want to develop and execute the best method possible for attracting visitors, welcoming them in and keeping them in your space.

Installing tablets can expand the impact of your presence dramatically. Almost like ‘endless aisles’ within retail, tablets can offer more information than handouts, especially when your team isn’t on hand to address visitors. Rather than being restricted to the space you have, apps, presentations, information guides and media can be prepared for guests to browse through– essentially, the possibilities are endless.

Bouncepad products are perfect for the events sector – quick and fuss-free to install but have a huge impact on your audience. Malcolm Sutherland, Head of Digital Projects at the V&A noted that Bouncepads created “…the opportunity not only to expand our audience, but to bring together our vast collections of photographic stills, audio-visual material and production photographs.”

Inspire With Digital Attractions

As a result of the ever-improving tech industry, there is closer proximity between good technology and consumers, meaning consumers now expect a high level of digitalisation wherever they go.

Brands are using tablets to create digital signage and eye-catching displays, attracting customers and increasing footfall. For trade shows, tablets have the same impact. They are a fast and cost-effective solution to spatial clampdown, acting as a tool that can educate people without being too pushy or demanding too much from them.

With advancements like AR and AI, a plethora of creative solutions are achievable via tablets. Creating exciting user-experiences using augmented reality, is a great way to introduce customers to your brand in a relaxed and fun atmosphere whilst giving them an experience they will remember.

Selfridges used Bouncepad Lounge models in their “Imagine” pop-up store. A life-size walkaround digital model of Zaha Hadid’s superyacht (worth a bargain price of £300 million) was available for shoppers to explore, attracting visitors and increasing footfall. Bouncepads provided the aesthetics and security that the space demanded, whilst displaying the tablets at a user-friendly angle and height.

Sign-up, Subscribe & Survey

Collecting visitor feedback and information at trade shows is invaluable. Building on contacts and improving brand awareness is the ultimate goal and installing tablets can make this so much easier. Using familiar and user-friendly devices such as tablets that are comfortable for customers to use – because they use them in day-to-day life – means they are more likely to stop a while to browse and give back some feedback.

Having Bouncepad kiosks installed at a trade show introduces touchpoints where visitors can subscribe to newsletters, respond to surveys or even enter a competition. They allow businesses to create relationships with guests whilst capturing valuable information in a non-invasive manner.

Of course, there are simple steps you can take to ensure someone doesn’t change the settings, switch apps or just browse their own Instagram. Whether it’s an Android, iOS or Windows device, locking it in kiosk mode is possible in a few easy steps.