5 Reasons Tablets Are Superior Business Tools

Solutions like Tablet Kiosks Increase and Protect the Value of a Business’ Technology Investments.

Since Bouncepad invented the tablet kiosk in 2010, we’ve had a chance to see our customers use tablets as commercial tools in their retail stores, banks, hotels, restaurants, and more.

Tablets have played a very critical role in the areas of digital transformation we’ve seen from these customers as well as our partners.

Businesses have and will continue using tablets in a multitude of ways to engage and connect with their customers, and we don’t expect to see that trend go away any time soon. Here’s a look at five reasons why tablets are the best business tools.

Proven Piece of Technology

Tablet computers are not a flash in the pan. When the iPad was first introduced in 2010, it pushed tablets into the mainstream. Shortly thereafter, every OEM company was making their own, while consumers and businesses were buying them as quickly as they could.

We’ve seen a lot in the way of retail technology innovation. While time will only tell how many of these trends will sustain themselves over time, tablets and iPads are a device that businesses can trust and continue using for years to come.


A big reason why tablets have been successful as a commercial tool is because they’re a technology consumers know how to interact with, and aren’t intimidated by – most consumers either own or have used a tablet or an iPad.

his is a big benefit for businesses looking to rollout tablets because it’s something their customers are already familiar with. Tablets are approachable in a way that a traditional kiosk or touchscreen display might not be.

Customers feel more inclined interacting with a tablet that they’re used to using.

Cost-Effective and Scalable

Tablets have proven themselves to be a cost-effective tool for businesses to test and rollout digital propositions to customers solving big business problems.

The cost of entry for tablets is considerably less than that of similar, interactive touch screen displays or traditional kiosk stands.

This can be a big benefit for SMBs looking to adopt a tablet POS system. Moreover, it lets businesses like a multi-national bank or fashion retailer think big picture without breaking the bank. The costs associated with rolling out thousands of tablets and tablet kiosks across all of their store locations is something that can be done simply, and relatively quickly compared to a more complex and expensive piece of technology.

Further, tablets can be used right out of the box, which maximizes the up time for any project a business is pushing live.

Agility and Creativity

There’s no denying businesses can simply do more with tablets and iPads than they can with other devices or displays. Thanks to tablet kiosks, like Boucepad's Sumo or Flex, businesses are able to install tablets in, and on, a variety of different surfaces, which helps put digital content in positions that can be most effective for customers in a variety of different use cases.

There are also endless possibilities and limits on what businesses can do from a content perspective with these devices. Whether it’s a mobile optimized website or a proprietary mobile application, content is super easy with tablets.

Further, most of the software companies we partner with are producing mobile applications for a variety of operating systems so businesses aren’t restricted based on the the devices they want to use.

Tablet Kiosks

We’re slightly biased about this one, but the hardware costs associated with a tablet enclosure tend to be three to four times cheaper than a traditional kiosk.

Tablet kiosks have been proven time and time again that they protect and extend the value of a businesses technology investment. The peace of mind knowing that your technology is safe, secure and protected from damage is an important and vital piece to the success of any project.