Guest Post: Securely Rolling Out Your Tablet Kiosk Project

How do I turn my website or application into a customer facing interactive experience, without sacrificing security?

Do you have a website or application you want to share with your customers to spur engagement and interaction? How about an application to leverage customer rewards, coupons, or product benefits? If not, there’s a chance that you are certainly considering how to leverage one or both of these for your customers. Increasingly this has become a focal point for organisations looking to create a customer-facing, interactive experience.

The challenge, however, is getting these projects off the ground. While it may seem like a daunting task, here are a few tips to setting up your self-service device.

Drawing inspiration

What are some common uses of a self-service device, and what might work best for my use case?


Inform & Educate Employees

Extend In Store Inventory (Endless Aisle)

Capture Email Address

Survey Customers

Access Company Website

Schedule a Meeting

Allow Customers to Log in to their Account

Print a Receipt or List


Advertise your Application

Display Digital Signage

Display Interactive Videos

So, what do I need to get started?

Tablet (Android, Windows, or iOS)./h5>

You will likely select the tablet and operating system based on a few factors:

-Application type (if only available for a particular operating system)

-Project budget

-External device needs

-Need for commercial grade device

-Battery/system management

-Preference/training (which OS does IT support?)

Tablet Enclosure

Determine the best tablet enclosure for you by answering a few simple questions:

-What type of surface are you mounting to?

-How are your users interacting with your content?

-Do you need access to the home button or camera?

-Will you need to customize your enclosure with branding or custom color?

Kiosk System Software (Like KioWare – for Windows or Android)

Similar to other solutions on the market, KioWare provides the following for Windows & Android OS:

-Basic browser or application lockdown

-External device support

-Magstripe/barcode reading

-Usage statistics

-Remote maintenance

-Monitoring kiosk health


-An application or mobile-friendly website for the customer to engage and interact with

Do I need to know how to “develop” or “program”?

No! It will certainly help if you have an application or website in mind, otherwise you’ll need to hire someone to create a custom application for kiosk usage. Here are some questions you would want to have answers to in order to obtain an accurate customer application development quote.

Kiosk software can be configured to work with many existing app store apps, browser based applications, and websites. Some additional assistance may be required, so you will want to make sure your kiosk system software offers accessible and responsive technical support.

We answer some kiosk software questions here.

Better safe than sorry!

Protect your device.

Bouncepad’s extensive catalog of hardware enclosures can protect the physical tablet from dropping, theft, scratches, or dents.

Kiosk software like that provided by KioWare (for Windows or Android devices) protects your device from unauthorized access and malicious user intent.

Protect your users/customers.

If you are not clearing the: cache, form fills, saved data, from your device between user sessions, that data can be accessed and misused for malicious intent. Protect user data with kiosk software to clear private information in between users/user sessions.

Protect your application.

When deploying a device without some sort of lockdown settings, your application or website can be closed or deleted from the device. By securing your operating system with kiosk software, you can be sure that changes cannot be made to the application or the device.

Protect your data.

If your device also provides access to your company network, financial or healthcare data, or other private and sensitive personal, client, employee, or company information, you will want to be sure that users cannot take that information out of the device via a USB, email, or file upload. Kiosk software can restrict users from improperly transferring or sharing sensitive information by locking users from performing particular tasks.