Speed up Sales by Helping Customers Help Themselves

Consumer demands for outstanding customer service are growing thanks to e-commerce offering speedy checkout and personalised product suggestions. Now customers expect the same level of efficiency in-store and the only way to meet their demands, is to deliver a unified commerce experience.

Self-service kiosks are a great way to achieve this, giving the customer control to access information and make payment, mimics their online journey. It’s what the customers want – a study conducted by Bouncepad in 2017, found that 75% of customers have a better experience if they can self-serve using tablets.

Friendly Facilities

Tablet-based self-service systems allow customers to interact and engage with customer-friendly technologies in their own time without any pressure from sales assistants, increasing dwell time and improving in-store experience. A study by Bouncepad found that 40% want technology in brick and mortar retail to price-check, find items and redeem discounts/promos. See our guide to assisted selling here.

Smart Staffing

Rather than keeping busy with menial tasks such as checkout, staff can be on hand to assist, deliver great customer service and concentrate on high-value sales. Self-service allows you to make the most of your staff, relocating them to roles where they can reach their full potential and drive the most sales.

Quiet Queues

Waiting in a queue is a negative experience for a customer, which risks them leaving dissatisfied or ditching their basket. Real world cart abandonment is one of brick-and-mortars biggest concerns. With self-service checkout, customers with fewer items can move through the payment process at a quicker rate, reducing the risk of cart abandonment and ensuring the customer leaves satisfied. The same goes for hospitality, entertainment and sign-in desks.

Location, Location

When installing self-service points, it is essential they are well sign posted and in a comfortable position, height and angle for usage. Enclosures are key in making this happen – Bouncepad provides a full product range of ergonomic fixed enclosures and accessories which are hassle-free to rollout and guaranteed service support for your life of your installation.

Soaring Success

McDonald’s is a great case study for the success of self-service, revitalising their customer journey, the fast food chain rolled-out self-service kiosk stations in all of their restaurants. Kellogg School of Management found this addition which had a 7% reduction in service time, could increase market shares by as much as 3%. When speaking to Bouncepad, Doug Baker, head of IT restaurant solutions and service at McDonald’s UK said, “We pride ourselves on listening to customers and providing an outstanding experience; innovations such as tablets help provide this experience and have been extremely popular with customers.”

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