Help Yourself: Self-Service App Picks

Involving significant hardware investment and complex integration, self-service technology has traditionally been a distant dream for small to medium businesses. Post-mobile revolution, tablet and smartphone based tools are democratising access to self-service kiosk solutions.

Now in businesses of all shapes and sizes, from independent bars and boutiques to supermarket chains, mobile is being used to take the heavy lifting out of customer service and deliver a friction-free experience for consumers.


Ditch the dog-eared visitor's book. SwipedOn captures your visitor’s vitals, sends an arrival notification to your mobile, and spits out a badge in the time it would take the receptionist to swivel his chair around. You can even test out this visitor sign-in app absolutely free for up to five users and unlimited visitors.


The good times never stop flowing when customers can switch on the beer taps, order food and fire up the juke box without moving from their seats. This clever self-service tablet app keeps entertainment levels high, with access to games, social media and internet browsing. See Tabology in action for London pub the Thirsty Bear

Revel Systems – Kiosk Mode

Revel Systems is a mobile POS system that does double duty as a self-checkout. To free up your cashier, lock the app into ‘Kiosk Mode’ and you’re ready to take orders and payments direct from the customer. A clear interface smoothly carries shoppers through the transaction process using photos and information of their order on-screen.


Waiting in line is becoming a thing of the past, as Qudini’s virtual queue management system allows customers to queue via their mobile, at anywhere from shops and restaurants to exhibitions and doctor’s surgeries. All you have to do is sign in via a self-service tablet kiosk, kick back, and relax until you receive your personalised SMS alert for your turn.

Feeling inspired? Speak to the team for advice on creating your own self-service tablet kiosk installation.