A Hyper-Personalised Shopping Experience: The Secret to Driving Sales

Solutions like assisted selling are easy to implement and make a huge difference to retailers and customer engagement. Brands want to know what their customers are thinking, and customers want to buy from knowledgeable staff – assisted selling covers both bases.

By providing your employees with access to product information, inventory levels and available deals, you are enabling them to perform to their highest standards, giving customers attentive and well-informed one-on-one service.

Product Experts at the Touch of a Button

Delivering information to employees anywhere in the store means they can always be one step ahead. Similarly to taking an exam with the text book sitting next to you, assisted selling provides all the material needed to make informed suggestions, personal to each customer.

Quick and effortless access to this information means employees are instantly transformed into product experts, allowing them to focus all their attention on the sale and service. This results in an increase in upsell and cross-sell opportunities as well as a great reputation in customer service.

Personalised Customer Insights

Knowing what your customer wants means you can deliver better customer service. Assisted selling allows you to do this by connecting online with offline; it delivers all the benefits of the website to the physical store, allowing employees to personally connect with each shopper.

“Assisted selling allows you to deliver better customer service. It connects the online with the offline, delivering all the benefits of the website to the physical store.”

A 2017 a study conducted by Ayden, an online payments provider, found 30% of shoppers want sales associates to know preferences and have items available to personalise their experience. Delving into past purchases, available deals, stock lists and information about purchasing trends, enables employees to provide bespoke advice and create trusting bonds with their customers. By combining customer insight with in-depth product information, employees can predict what shoppers want and create an informed, hyper-personalised shopping experience.

A Hybrid Retail Experience

Offering an omnichannel experience allows retailers to fully meet the customers’ needs. By collecting digital data and applying it to improve physical customer experience, a hybrid retail experience is created that is sure to stand out against competitors.

According to Ayden, 75% of shoppers want sales associates to order and ship an item to them that isn’t available in store. Assisted selling not only allows insights and checkout, but the ability to click and collect from other stores and order items from central stock that aren’t available in store; meaning no customer leaves empty handed.


Paired with a portable protective case such as the Bouncepad Mobi, retail staff can take the tablet off the dock and take it to meet the customer wherever they are in the store. This freedom helps to save potentially lost sales, but also helps create up-sell opportunities. Mobi allows employees to get out from behind the counter, moving around with a protected and charged iPad. This level of assisted selling on the move, enables them to gain insight into what customers might be interested in and showcase product options nearby that suit their purchase.