Video conferencing technology proliferated over the last 2 years popularising phrases like “We can see you, but we can’t hear you” and “Can your turn your video on?”.

Flexible working is the new norm and businesses of all sizes are adapting - some enthusiastically, others kicking & screaming. Not that long ago, video conferencing was mostly reserved for big companies and just one person on the whole floor knew how the system worked. These days, a video conferencing room or ‘Zoom Room’ is as essential as the coffee machine.

At the centre of every video conferencing room is the Meeting Room Controller which allows you to manage meetings and control hardware like the camera & microphone.

Bouncepad products like the Flip were used in that manner, but we thought that the time was right to develop a fit-for-purpose product, designed specifically for that use-case. We talked to people in the AV industry and learned about pain points & nice to have features.

The result is Link, a Meeting Room Controller that works every time, while being sturdy and stylish.

Bouncepad Link in Teal - Front Perspective

Link is compatible with all generations of the iPad 10.2 and the iPad 10.9 10th Gen, sitting freely on a counter, with its felt feet allowing you to slide it across the meeting table from one user to the other. Alternatively, Link can be mounted to a horizontal or vertical surface using the fixings provided. If you prefer a freestanding setup but are concerned about security, use a Kensington lock to tether Link to an anchor point.

Bouncepad Link in White - Side

As you would expect, cable management and charging have been thoroughly considered. Link is compatible with PoE Texas, Redpark and Belkin PoE Adaptors to ensure your meeting room controller is charged and connected. The integrated cable grip can be setup in all mounting scenarios, and ensures the power cable doesn’t get snagged or disconnected.

Bouncepad Link in Black - Back

If you’re a little confused about PoE you can read our explainer here!

With its sleek, die cast aluminium shell, and glass filled nylon faceplate, Link will stand the test of time whilst ensuring your iPad is safe and secure. Six concealed security screws lock the faceplate into position.

Bouncepad Link in Teal - Durable Materials

Last but not least, Link offers feature access to the front camera and power and volume buttons, giving you full control of the iPad without removing it from the enclosure.

Bouncepad Link in Teal - Macro

We expect Link to launch an international career and get adopted by thousands of people in businesses big and small.

Link is available in white, black and teal, and can be paired with a Texas PoE Adaptor at checkout.

Fuss Free Base

Link can be mounted to a horizontal or vertical surface. Or, if you prefer, leave it freestanding on your conference room table and use its felt fit to slid it from person to the next.

Kensington Lock Compatible

Concerned about security with a freestanding setup? Use a Kensington Lock to tether Link to an anchor point.

Secure your Tablet

Keep you tablet secure by locking the faceplate in place with 6 security screws.

Cable Management

Secure your power cables with the cable grip and cable tie to avoid snagging and loss of connection.

Full Feature Access

Control all your tablets features without removing it from the stand. Power, volume, front camera and home button.

Durable Materials

With its die cast aluminium shell and glass filled nylon faceplate Link is sure to stand the test of time.

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