6 Ways Retailers Can Engage with Customers this Holiday Season

The National Retail Federation is forecasting a retail sales growth of 3.1 percent overall this holiday season. Interestingly enough, this is higher than the 10 year average of 2.7 percent, but still down from last year’s prediction of 3.7 percent.

With more consumers shopping this holiday season, retailers have a great opportunity to reach new customers and increase footfall in their store locations through innovative customer engagement strategies.

Here are six ways retailers can engage with consumers this holiday season.

Digital Signage

Dynamic visual displays and content is a proven strategy for increasing customer engagement, and brining products to life! Visual displays are a highly successful way to engage with customers due to the interactive nature of the content.

Tobi Schneidler on Digital Signage from Bouncepad on Vimeo.

Self-Service Options

Help customers help themselves! By offering self-service in-store, retailers can actually improve the engagement and experiences they have customers by offering services like self-checkout, and click-and-collect.

Saving a person time can make all the difference when it comes to improving the customer experience, especially during the holiday shopping season.

Product Guides

Confident and informed consumers are more likely to make purchases than those that don’t understand the products they’re hoping to buy.

Retailers offering customers digital product guides that highlight in-depth product information will foster more confident and informed consumers. Further, this information can help retailers move customers further down the buying cycle delivering important information at the most critical time during the purchase decision process.

Endless Aisles

There is nothing more frustrating than finding the right article of clothing or the perfect piece of furniture, only to find out that the retailer doesn’t have the right size or color in stock. Retailers can eliminate this pain point for consumers by delivering endless aisle shopping experiences. These digital touchpoints let customers shop a retailer’s entire product range from a tablet kiosk solution, for example, to make sure their customers don’t leave empty handed.

Infotainment Stations

The best way to make sure your customers keep coming back into your stores and shopping with you is to keep them happy! Infotainment stations keep visitors entertained while they shop or while they wait for their friends and family.

By providing entertaining and interactive content, retailers are able to increase customer’s dwell time and engagement while also creating more sales opportunities so long as customers remain in-store.

Customer Feedback

The only thing more important than collecting customer feedback is to actively listen to it and make the reasonable and necessary changes to improve the customer experience.

Customers are more loyal to businesses that listen to them and truly care about their experiences and feedback. Installing survey and feedback stations in-store can provide retailers with a means to capture important customer data and feedback which can be turned into actionable insights.

Increasing customer engagement this holiday season is very doable! And with the help of digital technology solutions, creating more meaningful customer experiences can be a walk in the park!

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