What is an ‘endless aisle’ shopping experience?

An ‘endless aisle’ shopping experience is a term given to online product guides. Often used by physical retailers or in pop-ups, endless aisles allow retailers to show off their entire range without the extra square footage. Displayed on tablets or screens, customers are able to browse different products, colours or sizes and order them straight to their home.

How will it help me create a better customer experience?

An ‘endless aisle’ shopping experience means unlimited stock. If an item isn’t available in-store, you no longer have to send your customers away empty handed. According to Repsly, 37 percent of consumers who discover their item is out of stock will buy from a different brand. Another study found that a huge 50 percent of customers will switch stores if their chosen item runs out of stock twice. This grows to 70 per cent if it happens a third time.

Allowing consumers to order their desired items online in-store, dodges the risk of customers leaving with a potentially harmful impression or your brand. Self-service kiosks dotted around the shop offering access to the online store is the fastest way for brands to introduce this. Combine this with a seamless in-store experience and some unique in-store promotions and you’ll really encourage customers to buy there and then.

How can endless aisles help my business?

An ‘endless aisle’ shopping experience helps to deliver a better customer journey to your customers. By making more products available you reduce the risk of real-world cart abandonment. As well as saving sales, eliminating the chance of disappointed customers increases the chance of a positive brand reputation.

See how Maison Simons implemented a Bouncepad Flex to ensure their customers never leave empty-handed.

Which Bouncepad product is best for endless aisles?

For a seamless ‘endless aisle’ experience, we recommend our favourite self-service enclosures.

Desk: The Desk has the shortest stalk in the range meaning it lies low to the surface. Angled at a fixed view for interaction, the Desk makes for a great self-service option for you and your customers.

Floorstanding: It’s important that as a self-service kiosk, your Bouncepad is visible in-store. The Floorstanding stands tall, commanding attention. Add a branding board at checkout to ensure your display gets noticed. The Freestanding base makes it perfect for both permanent and temporary installations.

Wallmount: If you’re conscious about space, the Wallmount is the perfect solution for you. Fixed at 60° this enclosure encourages interaction and sits close to the wall. Add signage on the walls to help customers navigate your kiosks.