Bouncepad on the Apple Store Online

It’s official! The Apple European Online Stores have chosen Bouncepad secure iPad stands as the first product of its kind to be marketed through the Apple Business Channels.

Apart from being massively happy about this recognition, it demonstrates the extent to which Apple recognises the iPad’s vast potential in the booming professional market; from customer-facing locked iPad installations to behind-the-counter operational applications, like iPad POS till systems.

On the software front, the new iOS allows for the implementation of powerful MDM (Mobile Device Management) options, such as managing tablets installed in multiple business locations, while thousands of B2B Apps and software solutions are emerging around the world to solve and improve business functions. Examples include place-based interactive marketing, Tablet-Kiosk-Systems, internet terminals in hospitality and many more.

We are proud to be part of this story, after launching the world’s first secure iPad stand at London’s App Lounge in 2010, only months after the iPad’s own launch. Since then, Bouncepad, providing amazing design and build quality, as well as providing exceptional customer service, has become a global success, shipping to more than 40 countries and being recognised as the original market leader.

We are really excited about what 2013 will bring; The year iPad means business.