Using Biometric Technology to Capture Employee Attendance Effortlessly

Traditional methods for maintaining, managing and logging employee time sheets have not had positive influences on productivity levels or work satisfaction.

While paper and excel-based time sheets are essentially free, the amount of labour and time involved in processing these tasks – especially when there are large amounts of sites or locations to account for – ultimately make these methods extremely costly.

Today, there is an abundance of online and cloud-based HR software that aims to disrupt the traditional paper/excel combo, and improve operational processes around attendance tracking as well as staff scheduling. These technologies range from biometric thumb print systems, to online timesheet keeping as well as geotagged mobile app and online check in/out systems. While many solutions to this age-old problem exist, the challenge is often determining which system is right for your business needs and then actually implementing this amongst your team and making sure it is a good fit.

here are many things to take into account such as getting your employees on-board with change, training staff on how to use the new solution and costs of the software – these factors become less daunting when you take into account the benefits that you are likely to reap from ‘shaking’ things up. With all of this in mind, the questions you need to ask when weighing different products center around whether or not the solution will help your business achieve the following goals;

  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Eliminate errors in payroll processing
  • Reduce human error in regards to recording and re-entering data
  • Increase accountability of staff and eliminate “buddy punching” culture
  • Save time for administrators and payroll staff and improve productivity
  • Simplify timesheet processes
  • Any SaaS solution should instantly provide greater oversight and transparency of check-in records, lateness or absences, and a fool proof method for combatting time cheating. Administration and payroll staff should have access to all data so they can ensure adherence to contracted hours, monitor overtime, while also having greater visibility of staff behaviour.

    Companies leveraging our RotaGeek scheduling software, bundled with a Bouncepad tablet and iPad kiosk are able to strategically position tablets in locations where staff can easily check-in and out of work. Our solution, and others like it on the market, provide businesses the opportunity to re-invest time spent monitoring attendance and managing time sheets into other areas of the business, ultimately improving productivity levels, job satisfaction and attitudes towards timesheets!

    A retailer may see online shopping as a threat to its in-store sales, but what if a high percentage of online sales are consistently linked to specific marketing campaigns and touch points in-store? Whether the sale happens in-store or online is irrelevant; your in-store technology and customer service helped drive a sale and built a relationship with the customer. That’s why omnichannel retail so powerful; understanding the entire customer journey, leveraging those insights and retail technology tools to improve the customer experience and increase sales.

    RotaGeek specialises in intelligent staff scheduling and biometric facial recognition time and attendance technology. With the help of Kairos, the solution is aimed at removing the need for any expensive biometric hardware and making capturing exact hours worked by any company's’ team effortless.