Table Tap’s Self-Service Technology Drives Sales and Customer Engagement

Bouncepad iPad kiosks integral part of company’s innovative technology system for restaurant industry.

If you’ve ever ordered a beer from an iPad, and then poured your own glass from a self-service tap at a local restaurant or pub, there’s a good chance it was a Table Tap LLC (Table Tap) system.

Pioneering the self-service beer movement in the United States, Table Tap’s iOS solutions are used by restaurants and bars for self-service beer taps, digital menus and displays, as well as iPad POS systems. These turnkey systems automate restaurant and bar operations, and are easily rolled out into any business’ existing environment. Table Tap’s technology provides customers with an interactive experience that keeps them entertained and engaged. In addition to jukebox control, Internet and social media access, live streaming, as well as ads and promotions; customers have complete visibility into the amount of beer they’ve poured throughout the night, which also lets them track the balance of their bill.

Bundled with Bouncepad iPad kiosks, Table Tap’s solutions are securely mounted – approximately six to eight units per establishment – on beer walls and/or tabletops. The tablet display cases provide a secure and durable enclosure that protects their tablet and software investment, holding up against the rigors of a bar and restaurant. Once properly installed, customers can pour drinks at their own leisure, order a meal, and even pay the bill without ever being rushed or having to wait for a server.

When Table Tap was looking for a tablet kiosk to bundle with their solution, it needed the right balance of appearance, function and durability.

“Bouncepad’s tablet enclosures have been the perfect solution for our projects because they are durable, sleek, and have all the features that benefit our customers and how they use them.” – Jason Basile, Operations Director, Table Tap LLC.

These user-friendly systems also enable businesses to increase revenue, and control costs – a major reason the hospitality industry is embracing Table Tap’s system.

Businesses get paid for every drop of beer poured, thanks to its real-time monitoring capabilities, eliminating the cost of over pouring, spills, waste or free drinks which can account for nearly 25 percent inventory shrinkage. According to industry-accepted standards, the average bar wastes 20 – 28 percent of draft beer, compared to the two percent of waste due to line cleaning associated with Table Tap’s system. Further, if a bar is charging $6 for a 16oz. draft beer, and they lose one ounce per pint – either to over pouring or spillage – they’re throwing away more than $72,000 annually.

Table Tap is a win-win for patrons and proprietors alike; customers get instant service, drink fresh beer and pay for what they consume, while businesses reduce costs and increase revenue. And with more than 100 installations across the country, Table Tap isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Since the company began working with Bouncepad in 2013, they’ve installed more than 70 Bouncepad units in restaurants and bars – all future installations will feature Bouncepad tablet kiosks.