Nutella Customisation King this Christmas at Selfridges

What’s better than Nutella? The golden child of the Ferrero SpA company, responsible for brands like Ferrero Rocher, tic tac & Kinder, Nutella launched their seasonal jar personalisation promotion during the Holiday season in Selfridges locations following their successful 2014 campaign.

Selfridges’ customers in London, Birmingham and Manchester were able to click and collect their own customised Nutella labels, making for the seasons’ best stocking filler, right in the luxury department store.

The Nutella pop-up stations provided an engaging customer experience where shoppers could customise labels on a user-friendly mobile app, accompanied by a Bouncepad Static 60 tablet kiosk. The campaign was once again a hit with holiday shoppers and proved to be successful for Nutella and Selfridges as well.

As Selfridges saw an increase in foot traffic and sales, Nutella was able to continue driving customer interest and engagement with their brand, building on top of its sustained success since 1964. Today, more than 11 million jars are sold worldwide in more than 160 countries annually, a feat that has helped Nutella overtake Marmite as the UK’s favourite spread.

“Bouncepad helped Selfridges’ personalisation move the customer journey forward by making the experience to be more interactive and engaging. Helping us to blend technology with world class service to deliver the world’s best experience." – Simon Carpenter, sales manager at Selfridges.

Various departments throughout the Selfridges locations also offered their own unique, customisable options, including engraved fragrances, embossed leather goods and fashion monogramming.

Customisation campaigns are a winning strategy for retail brands and department stores like Selfridges that are looking to empower customers and increase engagement in-store. Ralph Lauren Menswear recently invited shoppers to personalize polo shirts on iPads securely displayed on a Bouncepad Floorstanding. By empowering shoppers to customize and engage with their products, brands create intimate and personal connections that can help drive more sales and increase customer loyalty.

According to a recent Econsultancy survey, 94 percent of companies agree that personalisation is critical to current and future success. And it seems that consumers’ expectations of personalisation have also grown, as Retail Week reports that nearly 77 percent of consumers expect a retailer’s website to display products and offers that appeal to their tastes.

There is a big difference between personalising a jar and personalising a shopping experience; while this may seem like a huge challenge, it is strategic – and proven – tactic for retailers. Online browsing is already a personalised experience for consumers, and the technologies and results for in-store personalised service are there, retailers just need to tap into it.