KOJO is the plant-based eatery dedicated to making a difference

KOJO is a plant-based eatery that is committed to changing the world. Taking advanced steps to make great food that’s good for you and for the environment, KOJO is ethically focused, meaning the benefits of your meal go further than just tasting good. Ryan Jones explains, “If everyone in our community eats at KOJO once a week, they are doing something for the environment.”

We caught up with Ryan Jones, Co-owner of KOJO, about the brand’s ethos, technology and the importance of good design.

Their eclectic menu takes inspiration from Asia and aims to create unique plant-based food rather than creating substitutes for meat. Ryan is cautious to highlight they are plant-based, not Vegan. “We wanted to take a whole new approach which allowed people to believe in Vegan but not have the tag around that word. This makes it approachable for everyone. We’ve got a serious force in the kitchen making amazing dishes on a daily basis that you just wouldn’t think are plant-based. We accommodate all walks of life – gluten free, sugar free, plant-based and dairy-free.”

Not only is KOJO ethically superior, but the restaurant is also beautifully designed and boasts some ground-breaking technology. It’s actually safer to be in the restaurant than out on the street – a state of the art air filtration system that kills 99.7% of bacteria and viruses, and supplies completely fresh air into the KOJO eatery is amongst one of those technologies.

Ryan is a longstanding customer of Bouncepad and was keen to get our products in his new Hampstead-based restaurant. “I bought my first Bouncepad when you guys launched. We still use that Bouncepad at my Tech company for staff sign-in.” He continues, “The design that you have is so timeless, it’s lasted that long.”

iPads are used in the kitchen for food safety and health and safety. These are kept secure with Bouncepad Wallmounts.

Standing pride of place on the front counter are three Eddy Light tablet stands. Two are used for point of sale and one is for deliveries. Two more live on the bar in the restaurant.

Ryan worked closely with the architects to achieve his vision. “I wanted this kind of new, urban environment in a clean form that’s got a futuristic feel to it. We went over tonnes of designs.” The outcome is sensational. As a long-standing customer of Bouncepad, Ryan was keen to incorporate our new tablet stand into the mix. “When it comes to design I’m a bit of a perfectionist and have extremely high standards….I discovered you’d released your new product, Eddy, and thought it was a perfect fit for the space.”

“The Eddy’s are so beautifully designed. The shape, angles and symmetry were perfect for the environment we were trying to create. We worked with award-winning architects and when they saw Eddy they were blown away – they loved it.”

“We’ve got our designer to put a manifestation on the arm which shows that NHS and Emergency Services get staff discount. It works so well on the arm of the Eddy because customers can see it clearly.”

The KOJO team are surpassing current industry standards and creating a league of their own. Follow their journey here.