Reception Area Gets Digital Facelift at Greencore Facilities

There’s more that goes into food manufacturing facilities than just food production. Security is essential in ensuring facilities are safe and compliant with health and safety policies. Greencore Group, a leading international manufacturer of convenience foods, turned to Proxyclick’s visitor management software and Bouncepad tablet enclosures to improve efficiencies and cut costs.

Greencore’s visitor registration and authorization practices aren’t too different from other manufacturing sites. Visitors are asked to read and sign agreements that fall within compliance with site health and safety policies, as well as being asked to fill out a health questionnaire.

Reception would have to check-in visitors, asking them to complete signing-in books and then tear out, fold and insert carbonless copy slips into badge holders. For a single site where annual visitor numbers exceed 6,000, this process has a significant cost. When scaled across multiple sites there was a need to find a different approach,” states Costas Moraitis, IT business relationship manager of the Greencore Group plc.

Greencore saw an opportunity to replace its paper-based sign-in book with Proxyclick’s visitor management system. Displayed on an iPad and Bouncepad tablet enclosure, Greencore was able to transform the user experience at the front desk, providing a professional and welcoming, first impression.

Before a visit, Greencore employees have the option to send visitors sleek, well-designed email invitations including a map, contact details and even a QR code for access control.

At check-in, the Proxyclick app provides an automated iPad kiosk experience, including a smart flow of specific food safety questions like recent illnesses or exposure to disease outbreaks, for example.

The system provides health and safety policies and makes accurate information available instantly for security or fire evacuation purposes. A visitor badge is printed automatically and hosts receive automated emails and SMS notifications, with one-click acknowledgement to keep the reception team informed.

Greencore was also able to take advantage Proxyclick’s reporting capabilities to analyze who their visitors were, when they were on the premises and which organization they worked for. Similarly, they were able to plan more effectively by understanding how many visitors were expected on a given day, and from a security and safety standpoint, who is at each manufacturing site at any time.

Greencore equipped 11 food production sites with an iPad kiosk from Bouncepad to let their visitors experience the new visitor management system in style.

The tablet enclosure used was the Bouncepad Flex, which provided a full range of movement allowing the iPad to be displayed and used at the preferred angle for visitors to sign in at the reception. And every Bouncepad tablet enclosure comes equipped with a unique, secure lock and key system, which prevents theft and ensures access for authorized Greencore staff only.

“It has transformed the visitor experience. Visitor satisfaction surveys as well as spontaneous comments show the excellent impression that Proxyclick and Bouncepad leave, making a visit to Greencore a memorable experience,” says Costas Moraitis.

You never have a second chance to make a first impression. Proxyclick’s visitor management software combined with beautiful designed Bouncepads enabled Greencore to provide a great first impression for each of their visitors.

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