Cake House Bakery streamlines in-store experience with Bouncepad Desk

Cake House Bakery is the self-proclaimed 'Home of eggless cakes.' Like many businesses, the franchise faced the challenge of growing during a national lockdown. Despite this, the bakery has managed to open six stores within just over 12 months.

The Director, Rick Bhambra, has ten years’ experience within a cake franchise. In 2019, Bhambra decided it was time to put this extensive experience to use and set up a franchise of his own.

Dotted around the UK, The Cake House Bakery locations stretch from Luton to Leicester. With three more locations confirmed and one undergoing a location search, the founder is hoping to be close to ten stores nearing the end of 2021.

Bouncepads are used on the counter to allow customers to search through the entire product range. We caught up with the Director of Cake House Bakery about how Bouncepads have helped to keep the business running smoothly. “It’s a self-service kiosk so when we have a lot of walk-ins, it enables people to browse at their leisure and take time in deciding what sort of design they want. Having a Bouncepad Desk makes it easier than grabbing your PC screen, turning it around and trying to get a customer to look on that.”

“On the tablets, they can browse the website and place an order for collection. We’ve set up an Android tablet which is locked down by a kiosk software. This means customers can’t get out of it and look at other applications on the tablet.”

“The Bouncepad offers many benefits. Customers don’t always know what they want or need, and it can take a bit of time serving these customers which tends to result in a queue. With the Bouncepad, customers can take their time to browse and read details about size and design. This then allows us to focus our attention on other customers and keep things moving.”

“I spent a lot of time researching tablet holders. I was looking for something slimline and sleek. The Bouncepad was the exact design and shape that I wanted. It fit with our interior perfectly. I like the Mounting Arm as it presents the tablet at an easy-to-use angle and makes the counter look less cluttered.”

“The design really made Bouncepad stand out from other enclosures. We wanted something secure and looked good on our counter. The Bouncepad Desk ticks all of those boxes.”

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