Retail Technology’s Dynamic Duo: Clienteling and Assisted Selling

Clienteling and assisted selling apps help retailers deliver smart service and a more personalised shopping experience for their customers.

A primary interest for retailers is about how customers shop. Equipped with mobile devices, consumers are more informed and connected than ever before which can put store associates at a disadvantage.

Delivered on mobile tablet solutions, sales associates can bridge physical with online intelligence to provide a unique, omni-channel experience that meets each customer’s needs.

Clienteling or assisted selling?

There isn’t an alpha solution between clienteling and assisted selling. Whilst serving different purposes, they both improve operational efficiencies and help employees provide a greater level of customer service.

Canadian-based Raymark Mosaic includes clienteling and assisted selling features, as well as integrated POS. This all-in-one solution becomes a powerful mobile retail platform for businesses.

Challenge accepted

One challenge for retail, specifically luxury retail, is identifying customers when they’re in-store and catering to their specific needs. In luxury retail, it’s even more important to build those relationships and have a digital offering that can deliver a memorable, customer experience.

Much like a personal shopper, clienteling software can help sales associates cater to individual needs by providing them with customer information.

Information can be captured in-store via self-service iPad kiosks, during checkout, or online when a customer shops at home. All of that information is then available for the sales associate when they’re helping a customer. This can be purchase history, average spend and even preferred sizes and colours.

Turn one item into an entire outfit

Save the sale, always. Assisted selling platforms like IBM MobileFirst for iOS’ Sales Assist, give employees access to product information and inventory, as well as having the capability to complete orders and sales.

Paired with mobile tablet kiosks, retail staff can go from fixed to mobile instantly. This allows them to meet the customer where they are in-store, at their convenience. Helping to save potentially lost sales, but also creating upsell opportunities. With the added capability of showcasing product options, upgrades and available extras, customers may see something they didn’t even know they wanted

This technique is something being used by men’s fashion retailer Frank & Oak, who are using Tulip Retail’s Assisted Selling platform. In the case of Frank & Oak, sales associates become personal stylists, recommending additional items of apparel, turning the sale of one item into the purchase of an entire outfit.

Clienteling and assisted selling solutions help retailers provide a new and improved customer experience. To get the most out of these solutions, retailers need to:

– Ensure first-rate staff training is available to capitalise on sales opportunities

– Invest in quality hardware that won’t let you down

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