How Tablets are Revolutionising Restaurant Service

The sit-down, restaurant experience that we’ve grown accustomed to is rapidly changing as tablets take-hold and make their presence felt in the hospitality industry. New technology solutions are increasingly being leveraged to help restaurants eliminate pain-points that have plagued them for years.

Restaurants have realised the cost savings associated with switching out conventional cash registers for tablet and iPad POS systems, and now, it’s not uncommon to find a tablet waiting for you at your table. Installed everywhere from franchise chains, sports bars and even upscale, family friendly restaurants, customers are encouraged to interact and engage with these digital touch points throughout the entirety of their meal.

While this may sound a little impersonal, early adopters and restaurants that are now fully deploying tablets and iPads in all of their locations are finding that customers actually enjoy it!

Restaurants are increasingly using tablet and iPad display stands to enhance the customer experience. Patrons are able to customize and place an order, find nutritional information or allergy warnings, and check out the latest promotional offers – all without being rushed to order before they’re ready. Additionally, tablet enclosures being used to display interactive games and leisure like in McDonald’s restaurants provide family entertainment that can improve the dining experience, not hinder it.

However, it’s not only customers but also restaurant managers and wait staff that benefit from the quick and easy-to-use tablet interface. Cutting costs on paper, digital menus can be updated more frequently and include extra food options.

According to an article from Bloomberg Businessweek and Vanessa Wong in 2013, Ziosk was already seeing an impressive 20 percent increase in appetizer sales and a 30 percent increase in dessert sales. This increase in sales meant bigger checks and bigger tips. With default settings like suggested tipping percentages – as seen in cabs – customers are prompted to actively select the tip amount, leaving both the customer and wait staff happy.

Imagine a peaceful night out with entertainment, speedy service and no interruptions – in-restaurant tablet and iPad kiosks are making this dream a reality. The fact is, if tablets can increase sales and create a more efficient atmosphere within an industry that is always looking to increase revenue and productivity, what other sectors will follow? The potential for more restaurants to take hold of this trend and adopt their own digital strategy is infinite.