From Caesar to Visa – Tossed Simplifies Salad Ordering With Self-service

The first Tossed store opened in April 2005 in Paddington and had one mission: to create a new, healthy and exciting food experience. 12 years later and with 14 stores opened across London, not only did they keep their promise to make eating healthy yummy; they created an interactive way to offer their customisable food by using Bouncepad Desk and Samsung Galaxy tablets.

Customers are now able to order through a tablet-based solution that integrates the card payment processing for a cashless environment.

The aim is to provide a more flexible, interactive and faster ordering experience in-store where the customer can explore the menu and take the time to choose their made-to-order meal without being rushed.

“When we were looking to revolutionise our guest service systems with tablet-ordering, it was imperative that we had a solution that both looks good and keeps our tablets secure. Bouncepad’s desk-mounted tablet holders were ideal for this purpose and we are delighted with the way that they look and the feedback we have had and have now rolled them out across our central London estate.”– Neil Sebba, Finance Director, March 2017

The installation of tablets helps smooth operations, and create a top-notch customer experience where the customer truly builds their own experience and participate in the meal creation process.