The 4 Golden Rules of Digital Signage

Digital signage is a great way to engage customers at point of sale – dynamic and exciting visuals and content can bring products to life and spark a dialog with customers.

As a proven strategy for increasing customer engagement, digital signage can increase footfall and keep current customers interested.

Bring Them to Life

Inject energy and movement into your products with interactive and up-to-date visuals using consumer-friendly touch points. Tablet kiosks allow brands to contextualise their message to make them more impactful and memorable. This material can be eye-catching, interactive or informative; inspiring consumers to purchase and get involved. See how Virgin Holidays used Bouncepads and tablets to engage customers here.

Catered to You

Deliver personalised experiences and messages to your customers with targeted messaging and offers. This acute personalisation can be altered depending on location, time of day, place in store etc. Using assisted selling, you can gather information about your shoppers and their behaviour and change your visuals accordingly.

Remote Control

Digital signage gives the freedom of pushing new content and offers live across all locations simultaneously with remote management. No need to wait for things to be printed and collected – with a swipe of a finger, visuals can be altered. This also means you can be more creative with your signage, options such as animations and interactive qualities aren’t available with print-out advertisements. Learn how The Whisky Shop achieved eye-catching digital signage via tablets and Bouncepad enclosures here.

Approachable Alternative

Tablets are small in size which means less real estate in-store and less cost, making them perfect for SME’s and practical for rolling out. This makes your omnichannel journey more achievable and much less costly. Some might find big screens intimidating to use, so the smaller size makes them more approachable for customers.

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