A Fool Proof Guide to Collecting Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is a crucial insight into what is working well about your product or service and what needs to be improved to make the experience better. In-store tablet kiosks are the most effective way to gather this information. These allow customers to fill out the survey in-store which means the experience is still fresh and participation requires minimal effort from them.

We’ve gathered a few pointers to help you create a successful feedback station.

1. Short and Sweet

Self-service kiosks make filling out a questionnaire quick and painless. Data can be immediately transferred with no extra admin needed and minimum effort required from the customers. Wave goodbye to the days of waiting and hoping they’ll fill out an online questionnaire when they get home (spoiler alert: they won’t).

2. Under Pressure

Tablets create a familiar, low-pressure approach situation, allowing customers to give honest feedback without worrying about employees reading over their shoulder. 

3. What’s You’re Number?

Rather than asking open-ended questions, use rating-based questions. This keeps it simple for the participant and means your results can be easily turned into quantitative data for a quick analysis.

4. Give Them Some Credit

Give people a reason to be doing it, customers want to know how their information will be shared and used. Similarly, offering an incentive is a great way to encourage participation – by offering something in return, you are showing them that their loyalty and opinion matters, whilst also improving their in-store experience.

5. Personal Touch

Feedback questionnaires allow customers to engage and communicate with your brand whilst sharing information about their experience. In our eyes, that’s a win-win.

6. Where, What, How?

Location of your kiosk is key to getting good feedback. It needs to be in a place that makes sense to the customer and catches them at the right point in their journey. It’s essential that it is well sign-posted and easy to use – make sure you pick the right app for you and your business as this is what the customers are interacting with.

Stuck on where to start? We think Avius is a great feedback platform for many reasons; its user-friendly interface, its ability to run offline and its selection of easily customisable templates. It might also help to have available staff close by in case they need some assistance.

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