Concept Stores of the Future: Join the Revolution

With fears of a retail apocalypse wreaking havoc on the high street, brick and mortar stores are redesigning the way we shop. Businesses we would usually see as necessities, are following suit. Forward thinking banks and mobile network branches are working on transforming the public’s perception of what they stand for.

Concept stores around the world are blossoming, offering a relaxed, stay-a-while solution to welcome customers and invite them to explore the products and the brand as a whole.

Mobile telecoms network EE recently opened a concept store in Westfield Stratford, London, featuring comfy conversation nooks and calming tones. Quinine – the agency behind the updated design – set out by placing the network proposition at the forefront, rather than the outdated model of leading with phones. This delivers a multi-layered experience by promoting a relaxed and inviting environment that’s open to conversation.

The result? Customers feel comfortable to explore without the pressure of a sales person pushing them into a decision. This not only increases dwell time, but also improves customer experience and nurtures long-lasting relationships.

Keen to make sure the branch didn’t appear too technical, Quinine created a spacious and light interior that achieves a calm atmosphere – unlike the usually cramped network stops. In order to offer information and entertainment, EE has tablet kiosks at each touch point – using Bouncepad Lounge models to make sure their tablets are secured, tethered and always on charge.

With touchpoints dotted around the open-plan branch to appeal to different kinds of shopper journey, walking into the EE concept store is like looking into the future of retail.

By installing Bouncepads around the store, customers are able to access managed digital content, with the flexibility to share the tablet without the risk of a snatch-and-grab. Bouncepad Lounges help to enhance a relaxed retail space by complimenting the conversational and personable style of the concept store.

By giving the freestyle usability of a tablet but the security and aesthetic of a Bouncepad, it allows the journey to stay true to the essence of a tablet, whilst naturally fitting into the customer experience in a format that has longevity on the high street.

Images sourced from Retail Design World