Isansys PSE: The advanced patient monitoring platform

Isansys is a world leading digital healthcare company responsible for the Patient Status Engine; a complete, scalable and simple-to-use advanced patient monitoring platform. “We are a business focussed on delivering patient-centred technologies and data driven methods into hospitals and healthcare organisations globally. We provide health professionals with the vital tools required to improve care and increase clinical performance while ensuring economic value and enhancing patient safety”, explains Georgina Horton, PR & Marketing Executive at Isansys.

Established in 2010 in Oxfordshire UK, Isansys now has subsidiaries in Germany and India. Through a network of distributors and partners, they work with healthcare providers globally who are seeking lower cost, less obtrusive monitoring solutions and higher quality data. “From patients, to families, to doctors, nurses and healthcare providers, our focus is on moving patients from higher cost to lower cost care settings (including at home).” Georgina Horton goes on to explain, “Better patient monitoring, more efficient workflows and smarter predictive indicators can simultaneously reduce costs, improve care and save lives.”

The Patient Status Engine (PSE) monitoring system uses digital and wireless sensors to enable near-ICU grade monitoring and advanced analytics of patient data. The wearable sensors automatically collect and analyse the patients’ levels, rates and temperature in real-time. If a patient’s health begins to deteriorate, the system will provide a warning to staff so they can act on it immediately. The PSE is extremely flexible, enabling care to be provided outside the hospital walls with real-time data and predictive alerts.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, Isansys has seen a surge in orders for the PSE from hospitals to help them monitor a high number of patients at home or in other locations outside of the hospital itself. “We needed to work with partners and suppliers efficiently to enable us to scale quickly and meet the current demand. Our existing bezels which hold the Patient Gateway came from China and we were having difficulty obtaining the supplies we needed as there was a minimum lead time of four weeks. We searched online and found Bouncepad who supplied us with a range of different designs and stands and were able to turn around the order overnight, which has been amazing. Previously we had to wait for around four to five weeks for delivery of the bezels.”

“Using Bouncepads as the enclosure for our Patient Gateways saves so much time, hassle and money. There were so many options with their designs which are so simple that it makes it very easy for us to switch to newer versions of the tablets without having to go through a whole new design of our product.”

“We have also had requests from customers who require the PSE but do not require stands for them. We worked closely with Bouncepad to create a design which would meet our customers’ requirements.”

“Working with Bouncepad has been extremely smooth and efficient. Together we have overcome issues and to work with a company which has knowledgeable, helpful staff who offer fantastic customer service has been extremely refreshing. These are things which are sometimes hard to come by these days and it makes a huge difference to your buying experience.”