Guest Post: The Evolving Landscape of Guest Facing Technology in Hospitality

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While there are mainstays in a hoteliers guest-facing technology strategy – such as access to guest-use business centers and on-property digital signage – there are many new platforms and form factors that are emerging rapidly to further engage and interact with hotel guests while on property.

These new digital touch points are almost exclusively taking the shape of fixed and mobile tablet kiosks, strategically placed on property. See examples in this article.

Digital Concierge Stations

Other than the high-service luxury hotel brands, it’s generally not viable to have a full-time concierge on-property. However, it’s still important to provide guests authentic recommendations to local area restaurants, events and popular attractions. An interactive digital concierge station performs this task exceptionally well by providing guests with hotel approved destinations on an easy-to-use touch driven interface.This strategically placed tablet or iPad kiosk is best located in a prominent place in the lobby area, secured to a wall, counter top or even as part of a floorstanding fixture that blends seamlessly into the lobby décor. This allows guest to interact with the kiosks at their own leisure, easily finding local area information, view menus, reviews and directions, and then be on their way.

Boarding Pass Printing Stations

Peak check-out mornings are an extremely busy time for travelers who are often rushing to make their way from the hotel to the airport, with little time in between. A big convenience item that is convenient and highly valued are boarding pass print stations. Using a tablet kiosk and a few taps of the interactive screen, travelers checked into their flight, print their boarding pass and be on their way bypassing the check-in counters at the airport.These secure tablet kiosks - just like the Digital Concierge Stations - can be installed on a wall, counter top or a designated area of the floor. We've seen tablets used in airports around the world, hotels can enlist a similar strategy by helping travelers save time with mobile check-in, allowing them to be on their way quickly.


Tablets for Lounge Areas and Public Spaces

Hotel lobbies and other common area spaces are constantly being reinvented to become a social area for travelers. Many hoteliers have added boutique food services, hosted cocktail hours and upgraded seating areas to encourage and enable guests to relax, chat with fellow travelers or even conduct business. Hotels are increasingly integrating tablets into these areas for guests to use. Similar to traditional business center computers, these tablets are 100% safe as they're typically locked in kiosk-modeand/or running on a mobile device management system so any personal information guests may expose while surfing is completely purged at the conclusion of their session.The various ways hoteliers are providing easily accessible technology solutions to their valued guests is evolving everyday. Driving these changes are certainly guest preferences but also the innovative and versatile tablet mounts that enable these digital touchpoints to be offered securely and in beautiful form factors that blend seamlessly into the new, modern designs taking shape in hotels around the world.

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